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Mindy's Story

It can be said that Mindy’s journey began when she was a child and realized the power of words. She would spend hours writing stories on her mother’s typewriter. In college she took her first marketing course and had an “aha moment.” Within the scope of marketing, she realized words are what cause people to take action—whether to buy a product or agree to hire a service. Words can be persuasive, whether written or spoken.

Fast forward decades later and Mindy has sharpened her knowledge of persuasion and successfully launched two businesses, including a digital marketing agency. Mindy is now considered a global expert in marketing and is regularly invited to speak at conferences. She has trained companies of all sizes, including Facebook, World Fuel Services and Hampton Products and continues to write for various publications.

Mindy’s interest in persuasion is what caused her to pursue a PhD in general psychology with an emphasis in technology. After spending nearly 5 years studying this concept, she knew it was time to release what she knew from her academic research, as well as her own research studies and practical experience in marketing. Mindy then wrote The Power of Scarcity: Leveraging Urgency and Demand to Influence Customer Decisions (McGraw Hill 2022) and launched Persuasion in Business.

What Is Persuasion in Business?

Persuasion in Business is an education hub built for anyone who is looking to be more influential in their marketing messages, business models, careers and so on. We produce easy-to-follow information designed for executives, marketers, entrepreneurs and salespeople. Really, anyone who wants to strengthen their persuasive skills will find the tools they need through our platform.


Persuasion in Business was started by Dr. Mindy Weinstein after she spent decades in marketing and years studying persuasion on an academic level. Mindy realized that there is a myriad proven research and techniques that are buried in academia and not available to the mainstream public. Then came the idea to launch Persuasion in Business.


Persuasion in Business offers free resources through articles, videos and guides. Because we have encountered countless companies wanting more knowledge for their teams, we also now offer in-person and virtual workshops for businesses, as well as one-on-one consulting. Through the workshops and consulting, we have been able to train individuals on how to create more powerful business communications to close more deals and increase product sales. Mindy also delivers keynote presentations at corporations throughout the world.

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